Capture a gorgeous portrait of your baby growing month by month, for only $20 a pop!





What is a Pop-in Portrait?

Our photographers love the chance to show off their studio and their skills. Our pop-in open days offer you the opportunity to capture a professional portrait of your baby growing month by month for a tiny fraction of the cost of a private portrait session.

Quick, easy, and affordable.

Once you pop you can’t stop!

  • For babies, bumps and children of all ages!

    Pop-ins are perfect for baby bumps, babies in their first year, pre-school aged children, and bigger kids are welcome too. 6 days-16 years. To book a maternity Pop-in, just book online as usual but type ‘bump’ in place of ‘child’s name’ and your due date where it asks for your ‘child’s DOB’.

  • Two+ children?

    Our Monthly Pop-in shots are of individual child portraits only!

    If you’d like a portrait of your two+ kids together, keep an eye out for our sibling special during the school holidays.

    PS: Twins are no exception, don’t miss the chance to capture your twins’ gorgeous individual personalities with a portrait each

  • Come once, twice or every month

    Our photographers open their studios just one day a month. Photos are taken the same way each month so you can capture your child growing month by month. You can choose how often you’d like to pop!

  • Just one photo!

    Just book an appointment online, then pop-in to the studio on pop-in day. Each child takes only minutes to photograph so you won’t be waiting long. Because everyone comes on the same day, we can split the full cost of a professional photography session to make it affordable for everyone.

  • Your photo is included

    You’ll receive a link to download your digital portrait within 10 days of your shoot – it’s ready to DIY print and share! We choose the best photo for you so there’s no tough decisions and nothing more to pay.

  • Coming to a place near you!

    If you’re a professional photographer who’d love to host your own pop-in day, please do get in touch.

Family Pop-ins this February

Our super special $90 Family Pop-ins are back for 2019! The first series is available to book from January 23rd for session times in February, in selected locations only. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a super speedy 5minute portrait session for your crew this Feb.

Our Family Pop-ins sell out rapidly to ensure you have pre-registered for this event!

Our amazing photographers!

What others say about their experience

We love love love Anna’s monthly pop-ins! It has been so amazing to document our little guy throughout his first year. The pictures are so gorgeous each month and we always get super excited when the email comes through. Anna is fab to work with. Plus, it is so cool to have the opportunity for professional photos for such a steal. Can’t recommend enough.

Aisling Risdon | Wellington

This is such a great concept! My appointment was so quick, but in no way rushed. Amanda and her assistant (New Plymouth) were amazing and patient and I am so happy with the photo! Will definitely do this on a regular basis!

Jodie Feather | New Plymouth

Love love love this service. It’s such a great idea, cheap and quick, and the photographers do their best to get the poppets to smile and show off their best sides. We have the smiliest boy in the world, and have lots of gorgeous photos of him – but my favourite photo of him recently was him getting a bit overwhelmed by the pop in setting and dropping his bottom lip! Lovely Laura also sent me a smiley one, but it’s the imperfection of the dropped lip photo that I love best of all. Thanks Anna for starting this up, and thanks to the photographers across the country for making it accessible to more parents and babies!

Heather Johnston | Lower Hutt

Love this idea! Got a photo of my wee one. Love how quick and easy it is to make the appointment and how quick the session is, with a great photo as a result! 10/10 would recommend!

Rachael Rowe | Hamilton